Love Letters with Pictures

love story quotes

Love Letter with picture

Love Letter Text :

My One and Only, Do you know how much I cherish you? I cherish you like the ripening plum must cherish the sun; or the dry fields must cherish the rain. You are everything to me. I am so grateful to have you in my life.

Love Letter text and picture

Love Letter Text :

My Beloved, I want to be with you always and forever. I cannot even begin to imagine the bleak and barren life I would have if it were not for you, my eternal sunshine!

to the love of my life picture

Love Letter Text :

To the Love of my Life, I love to romance you and I love it when you romance me. I love to see the sparkle in your eyes as you listen to my words. I love to see your sweet smile as I caress you and tell you my dreams. I love to feel your(…)

love story quotes

Love Letter Text :

By the moon as i sit to seek your glory, the white roses i see, create a new story. Seasons are many, their reasons are few. what remains is that i will always love you.

My sweet Love Picture

Love Letter Text :

My Sweet Love, I have noticed that being with you, I smile a little more often, I anger a little less quickly, the sun shines a little brighter & life is much sweeter. I Love You.

Sweet Love Letter

Love Letter Text :

The time I get to spend with you means so much to me. I feel like you are here so we can explore through life together and have every moment be stuck in our memories. Your kisses make my entire day the best day it can be. Only true couples figure out life together

Love Picture

Love Letter Text :

Every day with you is magical, every moment spent with you is so precious and I am falling in love with you more and more every day. I know that right now we are very far away, but that doesn’t stop me from being away from you, and the distance is only temporary and we.

7 Superb Tips for Getting your Joomla site Noticed by Google

Internet jargon may say “search-engine friendly”, but in reality, search engines aren’t very friendly with the millions and millions of websites that exist over the World Wide Web. It’s essential to put in extra efforts towards making your website listed with them. If you’re a website owner, specially the one who has opted for Joomla then you’ve landed on the right page. Through this blog post, I’ll be offering you some brilliant tips on making your Joomla powered website visible to Google-one of the finest search engines prevalent in the world. Have a look at these tips and I’m sure following them will help you lure Google towards your Joomla site.

Tip No.1- Clear out your preferences of choosing the server

Choosing the right server needs to be your first step towards making your Joomla site friendly with Google. For example, opting for a Windows IIS Server will simply make things difficult for you because the URL rewriting modules used by ISS don’t mingle well with the Joomla rewriting, making your site invisible for most of the search engines. Hence, it is recommended to choose an Apache server that comes with a pre-installed mod_rewrite that works well with all the best search engines.

Tip No.2- Make sure the ‘URL Rewriting’ and ‘Search Engine Friendly URLs’ settings are turned “Active”.

For guaranteed recognition by Google, you must activate the ‘URL Rewriting’ and ‘Search Engine Friendly URLs’ settings for your Joomla site. Activating the ‘URL Rewriting’ feature will remove the <index.php> part from your website’s URL while the ‘Search Engine Friendly URLs’ setting will eradicate all the dynamic characters from your URL and replace them with alias text present in the menu item for the web page under focus.

Tip No.3- Replace htaccess.txt. with htaccess

As an extension to the process of rewriting your web page URLs to please Google, you must make sure to rename the htaccess.text files to htaccess- the latest version that is supported by Joomla and works as the best match for getting the website indexed by major search engines.

Tip No.4- Pay special attention to internal link building

A common issue encountered with using a CMS is content duplicity and Joomla websites are no exception to this. In order to ensure 100% Google crawling for your Joomla site, make sure to be cautious about linking pages within your website. Always opt for linking to a single adaption of each web page, as this will aid your website in being indexed by Google.

Tip No.5- Install the right Joomla extension for flawless Meta Data Management

Meta Data Management is one of the most critical aspects of operating a Joomla powered website. Managing the meta tags and meta descriptions for your web pages manually can be real time-consuming. Hence, it is recommended to opt for a good Joomla extension that will allow you to manage the Meta data for your website in an effective and convenient manner. SEO Boss is one such Joomla extension that comes with amazing Meta Data Management features that work wonders for both simple as well as complex Joomla portals. With this Joomla extension, you can:

  • Generate meta tags automatically

  • Automatically replace individual patterns by H1, H2,…..Hn tags

  • Alter meta tags like Title, Keywords and Description for any web page

  • Manage outgoing links

Tip No.6- Install JCE Editor

Considered as a must-have component for every Joomla website, JCE Editor makes it convenient to add images along with dimensions and Alt tags. The dynamic interface of JCE Editor makes it easy to add a search engine friendly attribute to your images, helping your website to rank on top of Google’s Search Results Page.

Tip No.7- Install XMap

Since all these years of growing internet usage, it has been observed that websites containing a well-defined XML sitemap have greater chances of being noticed by Google and other popular search engines. If your Joomla portal lacks an XML sitemap, get going and install XMap- an effective sitemap component for Joomla websites. This sitemap component comes with a variety of plugins that work well with other Joomla components placed on your site.


Hope you’d have loved the aforementioned tips. So, start implementing them today and allow your Joomla site to get friendly with Google.

Please drop in your feedback/comments for the above post, within the comments box below.

Sorry! Your Web Design is a Turnoff- Try Customization!

machine valentines day facebook-cover

Excuse me! I am not going to visit your site anymore. It can be the first impression of your online surfers on visiting your monotonous website. Online surfers have a slew of websites to suffice their diversified needs. It is up to website owners and managers to keep the targeted customers and virtual surfers attentive towards their online presence. An average online customer always looks for highly customized and focused online identities to fulfill their diversified needs.

Thus, it is a requirement for business organizations to create an impressive websites for targeting their online images. The customization will help you in developing domain-oriented website for your business organization. It will not only irritate your customers while browsing your website but also tempt them to visit frequently. Moreover, it will also assist you in catering your customers in a specific manner. However, you need to be alert while taking customization process. In order to get proper customization services from your coders, you should follow below given steps to create impressive virtual images.

Be Passionate

Being passionate is the first and foremost need for any web site owner. Your passion helps you in giving a right shape to your business owners. It will also help you in splashing your years of business understanding in creating your virtual image. It is a fact that your passion will give a back support to you when you will be confused in choosing right features for your site.

Be Focused

It is highly necessary for every website owner to be focused while customizing his or her virtual identity. You must be aware with your expectations from customized website. If you will be confuse in giving direction to your coders in creation of custom features of your website then it will only confuse your coders and extend the delivery date of your website. Therefore, you should be clear about the possible features of your website.

Pen down Your B-Understanding

You must use your business understanding to document special features for your website. It will also help you in contriving right features for your website. Further, you can share your documented features with your coder to code them for your website.

Ask your Coder to follow Document

It is necessary for creation of impressive virtual images. You must ask your coder to write codes for your custom setting as per your documentation. The precise adherence of synopsis will result in the creation of an out-of-the-box virtual image.

Testing Is Necessary

Sometimes business owners overlook the importance of testing their website’s custom features. It can be a dangerous affair for every website owners. Usually website carries highly important information that can jeopardize the future of a business organization in some hours.

After reading these steps, you can easily take custom website development for your site. You will only have to be attentive while choosing a web development company. An expert group of coders will help you greatly in developing impressive virtual websites.

Top 5 Single Page WordPress Themes

one page wordpress theme

Single page website is a new web designing trend in 2014. If you want unique, creative and clean representation of your business or portfolio then single page website is the best choice.

WordPress is most widely used CMS, most of the websites are CMS based and a recent study shows that more than half out of 34 percent websites are using WordPress CMS. If WordPress is your favorite CMS and you don’t want to create multiple pages WordPress website then the good news for you is that there is plethora of attractive single page WordPress themes available.

Why one Page website?

A single page website displays everything like your content and features on single page. If you can display all your content and features on single page then why you would waste your time on creating multiple pages. With the multiple website you have to create separate pages for “About us” important pages like “Portfolio” and “Services”.

If you have the multiple page website with complicated navigation, then you will not only lose your visitor but this also increases the website bounce rate.

Most of the designers find difficulty in creating an attractive one page theme, in this post I have gathered some of the best single page WordPress themes which you can choose for your portfolio, social profiles, and business website.

  1. Craft&Go

Craft&Go is attractive parallax scrolling single page WordPress theme. It has separate blog section; you can use this theme to show your portfolio. This theme has responsive design which resizes to any screen device; Craft&Go is easy to use and has many features.

  1. Parallax

This theme is the combination of parallax scrolling and single page design. You can easily customize this theme to have your own awesome looking website like business website or tech blog.

Theme post type in this theme displays the list of team members with their job titles; with the parallax option panel one can have infinite scrolling or the traditional amount of navigation.

  1. Jarvis

Jarvis is perfect one page WordPress theme which can be used as multipurpose. You have the plethora of options to use this awesome single page WordPress theme.

Jarvis theme is 100% responsive, it has the background video support, mailchimp subscription support, 6 navigation style and many more awesome features.

  1. Visia

Visia is a fully responsive single page WordPress theme with an independent blog section which can be used by any kind of business website.

Have a look at some of the features of Visia WordPress theme:

(a)  Retina ready

(b)  2 Home page variations

(c)   Parallax scrolling

(d)  Shortcode editor

(e)  Supports child theme

(f)    PSD file included

  1. Salsabila

Salsabila theme is perfect theme to have for your portfolio website; you can use this theme to display perfectly your work. Other than its awesome looking design it has blog section which you can effectively use.

This theme has all the features, let’s take a look at some its features:

(a)  100% Responsive

(b)  Salsabila Newsletter Widget

(c)   5 Color Skins

(d)  14 Shortcode

(e)  Single Blog and Portfolio Popup

(f)    Pricing Table

Let’s wrap it up

Even though, there is plethora of single page WordPress themes to choose from your website, but these five single page WordPress theme is something that you cannot miss.

Speak Thousands of Words with a Single Inspirational logo

Logo showcases the entire message; this is the reason that makes the logo lucrative for showcasing the offered services and other messages. A well-designed logo can use a simple icon in an effective manner in order to leave a deep impression in the public. Widely, logos aids in communicating the ideas to people. Additionally, a memorable logo is the one that always ensures the number of visitors to a particular website.

However, there is no such justified answer to what types of logo are impressionable and effective, but it may be intuitive to deem that creative designed logos can really do the miracle. This also does not mean that a logo needs to be elaborated. However, a simple logo with an amazing play of wordings can be a aesthetical and intriguing logo. This factor is the beauty of a logo.

Top inspiring logos ever:

Michael Spitz:

A specific pattern of colorful leaves fixed in the shape of M can be defined in a single word; Michael Spitz. It is very facile, effective and a simple icon that can represent the creative growth. However, if you will eliminate the color; it will not work and will not impart the similar idea.

Channing Johnson Photography:

Here comes a retro style logo that bestows the best typography. The logo was designed by Channing Johnson; who is a wedding photographer who was willing to have classy, but it also had “grit and edge” within the design as he also did the photojournalism. This is an extremely classy piece that works amazing as a watermark.

Maple Studios:

This is a simplistic text design that has been done using a beautiful and colorful icon which has been used by British Design Agency; Maple Studios as well. It is a very clean design which is perfectly ideal for online marketing and stationary as well.

Army of Bees:

There are 6 bees within the logo that have been placed with an arrangement that reflects the letter, A. The logo is exactly appearing like bees are ready to attack after getting in military formation. The bees icon looks perfect and will appear much better at the left hand of the design instead of placing at top so that it can more emphasize on title. Such logo designing can also be availed by hiring a Mobile Application Development Services.

Happy Quote:

The text “Happy Quote” has been placed within a quotation mark just like a speech bubble. The quote is such that it itself resembles a smiley that will reinforce the positive vibe which is required to promote the logo.

Invisible Agent:

A highly creative logo which showcase the knot between four stick figures in order to suggest that one can is placed in the center that acts as an agent blending it with a peace.

Foxy Logo Rebound:

This can be named as the perfect logo for the website namely; FoxyStats. There is a circle that has been divided into 3 different shapes in order to represent the stats service that a company can provide. There is a top piece that will resemble a fox with the lower parts having body and tail of a fox. There are many Mobile App Developers which you can avail for getting such logos customized.

Audio Theatre:

The calligraphy of this logo has been done very beautifully such that the logo can appear as elegant and professional. There is also a microphone that can be extended from top of the letter T in order to represent the entire recording services which a company can provide.

Diamond Bookstore:

The logo is made from an open book which is a diamond shaped. The design has simple coloring that lends itself very precisely in a plain black and white just like most logo designing rules reflects.


A very cool design which was developed for a small scale origami shop. However, the shop owner do not want to have a classic origami shape just like a swan or crane so this was the reason behind creating the origami fish instead. The fish has been designed using two bright colors and text is also a beautiful typeface which matches the logo as well.


This is a very simple logo that employs 2 different colors reminiscent of bright and big plastic kid park equipment which was once employed all over the US and there was also a beautiful typeface that played into an imagery. The kid’s slide was also molded with a letter that also cements the idea.

16 Facebook Covers for Valentine Day

Pink Heart valentines day

16 Facebook Covers for Valentine Day.
width=”851″ height=”315″

width=”851″ height=”315″

charming valentines day
width=”851″ height=”315″

Creative valentines day
width=”851″ height=”315″

Cute valentines day
width=”640″ height=”237″

Fire text valentines day
width=”851″ height=”315″

First love valentines day
width=”851″ height=”315″

machine valentines day facebook-cover
width=”851″ height=”315″

Pink Heart valentines day
width=”851″ height=”315″

Pink valentines day
width=”851″ height=”315″

Romantic valentines day
width=”851″ height=”315″

width=”640″ height=”237″

width=”851″ height=”315″

heart text
width=”640″ height=”237″

heart water drop
width=”851″ height=”315″

fb cover
width=”851″ height=”315″

NIIT Logos and Banners

niit logo

Posting logos and banners are for inspiration, all logo and trademarks are belong to their respective owners.
niit logo
width=”444″ height=”175

niit guru logo
width=”279″ height=”176″

NIIT logos be more ambitions
width=”409″ height=”314″

panaflex banner
width=”1600″ height=”1200″

Some Exclusive Tips For Newbies In WordPress Blogging


Today, blogging has become one of the most effective tools for promoting your business via the internet. Whether you’re new to the world of business or already hold a unique reputation in the market, indulging in blogging can always work in your favor. Operating a WordPress powered blog can allow you to grow your clientele by an impressive level. If my words appear encouraging to you and you want to go ahead with WordPress blogging, simply keep on reading this blog. Here, I’ll be offering you some easy-to-follow tips that’ll assist you in your initiative of blogging via WordPress blogging website.

wordpress blogging

WordPress- What makes it suitable for both, personal blogging and corporate blogging?

If you’re wondering as to why I’ve recommended you to opt for WordPress blogging, here’s a list of reasons behind the same:

  • WordPress is available free of cost

Unlike other web development platforms where you need to spend a lot of money over hiring the respective professionals, WordPress is available for free. You can easily download the latest WordPress version and start developing your personal/corporate blog within a few minutes.

  • WordPress is backed by a strong and dedicated team of web developers

After having chosen WordPress CMS for your blogging venture, you need not worry about the issues related to effective management of your blog. All you need to do is just Google ‘wp’ and enter the details of issues faced during WordPress blog management. You’ll be surprised to view the massive number of websites that contain proven solutions for your problems.

  • WordPress has an amazing collection of themes, plugins and widgets

WordPress has a wide collection of eye-catchy themes, widgets and plugins that are best suited for customizing the overall look and feel of your WordPress blog. All you need to do is simply choose the theme, widget and plugin that best suits the basic goal of your blog.

And now, some exclusive WordPress blogging tips for newbies

  • Opt for scheduling your blog posts for the future

If you’re new to the world of WordPress blogging, an easy tip for you is to follow a publishing schedule for all your blog posts as well as guest posts. You may choose to publish blogs on a monthly, weekly or a daily basis, depending upon your readership. If you’re leaving for a vacation, you may choose to schedule the posts to go live at a particular time and date, thereby maintaining the up-to-date status of your blog.

  • Don’t forget to run an Editor check for all your blog posts and guest posts

Readers love visiting blogging websites that contain logically and grammatically correct content. You must make sure to use the WordPress editor for eliminating any misspellings, grammatical flaws or styling issues pertaining to guest blogs as well as your own blog posts. In addition to this, if you’re copying text from Microsoft Word, don’t forget to use the button that’s available for removing formatting errors from content that’s copied from external sources.

  • Make sure to embed tweets, videos, images and other media

Embedding videos, tweets, images etc. offers an additional charm to your plain textual blog posts. Make sure to include content from popular social media websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo etc, to gather the attention of readers looking for interesting and appealing information via blog posts.

  • Change the name of authors for blogs published on your site

If you’re the owner of a blog and multiple authors write for you, it’s your username that’s shown by default along with every blog post. In order to add individuality to each post published on your site, it’s recommended to change the name of authors for each of the blog posts/guest posts that are being published on the site.


Hope you’d have loved the tips mentioned above. With tons and tons of great features attached to WordPress, it’s better not to miss out on following these tips because they’ll take your towards the road of blogging success. If blogging is your passion, make the most of it by getting involved in WordPress blogging. I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy your passion in a fuller manner.

Business Concept Backgrounds for Presentations

business gift

Business Concept Backgrounds for Presentations for professionals, With the professional skills The first thing that gives a professional touch to any presentation is the design. You have to make the best possible impression in the short amount of time given you, so use these templates and Create powerful visual aids to your presentation.



Pro Business template



A theme for promotional gifts related presentations

business gift


Template for Business Deals

grow together

Green Template for health, pharmaceuticals, foods and herbal related products presentation.


Education Template



Pro Business Template

Pro business


A template for professional team work




Best HTML5 CSS3 Restaurant and Hotel Templates


Easy navigation will make the visitors feel comfortable while surfing around the site. You’re welcome to get this goodie for free.

Restaurant html5


Demo   Download

Css 3


Demo   Download



Author :Graphicsfuel
Doctype Used :Html5 and Css3
Categories :Portfolio
Layout :4 Columns

Demo  Download

Hotel Website Template

Demo  Download


Demo   Download
Barnelli – Restaurant HTML5 Responsive Template

Barnelli is a minimal and highly responsive HTML5 template designed for all you restaurateurs out there, this is not a generic “theme” that can fit into all businesses. We focused on one restaurant segment to get things done the proper way.


Demo   Price : 14$ Buy Now


Coffee Lounge

Demo     Price 17$ Buy Now


Get Your Professional Logo, designed by Expert Designers Just in $29Detail
Get Your Professional Logo, designed by Expert Designers Just in $29Detail